Prison Trained Dogs

AWL’s Caring Companion Program began in 1999. We work hand in hand with Trumbull Correctional Institution inmates. For a 9 week period, 6-8 dogs are selected to participate in the program. These dogs are usually harder to adopt due to behavior, shyness and no training. By placing them in the prison program, we help increase their adoptability. We choose dogs for the program 2-3 weeks prior to the next rotation so that they can be spayed/neutered and have time to heal. Once the dogs enter the prison, they live with the inmates in their cells 24/7 and there are typically two handlers per dog. During the 9-week program, the dogs learn basic obedience training, commands such as heel, sit, down, stay, and come. The handlers write a report on the progress weekly and any issues or concerns will be addressed in class during that week. Additionally the dogs are housebroken and crate trained. Once selected these dogs can be pre-adopted and picked up after their training is complete. We have successfully placed over 300 dogs with this program.

In August of 2013, Animal Welfare and the Trumbull County Dog Pound joined together to form a second prison program called DIPP, Dogs In Prison Program. The program is held at the Camp Sector of TCI. Dogs are selected from the Trumbull County Dog Pound, trained and housed at the prison similar to the Caring Companion program and then adopted out by AWL. Already, this joint program has placed over 55 dogs.

The adoption fee for a prison trained dog is $200.